Bola Loca Pool Party | Packaging Design for Lheritier
Packaging and illustration design of Lollipop bag and wrapping paper for Lerithier's "Bola Loca" brand.

Summer is fun
Lheritier's lollypop brand BolaLoca was looking for a change in their retail packaging for the brand's "Pool Party" lollypop line. The client idea was to create visual concept that reflected a fresh vibe for a young consumer that is not focused on the product, but on the summer ritual of  pool party with friends where everything is sweet and fun.
There was some limitations on this project, because we could not use more than 4 colors on each type of pack (candy bag and wrapping paper). We at Disruptive Brand Agency approached this concept by creating a design pattern based on the pool's water waves with friendly and colorful water floats on the surface. 
Using a fresh, young and vivid color palette that create excellent contrast between them. The way we face the limitations of color printing was using a transparent bag that when full of lollipops, it will be filled with the blue color of the water applied to the wrapping papers.
We enjoyed not only designing this joyful packaging but innovating from the technologic and budget limitations.

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